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Technology as a Teammate

The correct Gaming Accessories can make the difference between playing to win and just playing. Equipment designed specifically for Gamers should have suitable inbuilt features that one can customize. Whether you are a professional, hardcore, or casual gamer – Canyon Gaming South Africa offers superior technology that is well-priced.

Check out our CND-SKB8 Gaming Keyboard offering the ultimate features you need to go for the win.

On Your Squad: The CND-SKB8

The Interceptor Mechanical Gaming Keyboard model number CND-SKB8 is equipped to empower your play.

The CND-SKB8 boasts components that give you a competitive advantage and a design that enhances your comfort regardless of how long your gaming session goes for.

With 104 mechanical keys, 17 hotkeys, and programmable button function it is the perfect partner and an essential tool for getting ahead in the game.

Advanced Response

Crisp mechanical key function with 4mm key route & 2mm trigger actuation force allows for superb control of the game. Red Outemu mechanical switches mean fewer friction points with a superior middling activation point for refined performance.
• Trigger actuation 2.0mm with force 60+/-10g

Innovative Technology & High-end Features

Use the key combinations you want with success and enjoy interruption-free gaming sessions. The CND-SKB8 has full N-key Rollover (NKRO). Independent scanning of each key pressed which means that every key will be registered regardless of how many you press! NKRO makes the CND-SKB8 keyboard immune from ghosting &/ jamming.
• A “Windows/Start” button lock is available.
• Double-injection (aka Double Shot) Keycaps that will not chip or fade.

Built Tough

Buttons will manage 60 Million strokes or more!

Designed to Enhance Your Playing Experience!

• Awesome tactile experience
• Ergonomic
• Versatile backlighting options: Programme 21 different LED lighting choices including 3 types of side-lights. Employ one of six pre-programmed options available or customize and create your own.

Need to Know Basics
• External Device
• Connection: via USB
• Cable Length: 1.8 metre
• Weight: 0.98k
• Colour: Grey

Canyon Gaming

Canyon Gaming has just entered South Africa. We are passionate about gaming technology and supporting South African Gamers to succeed in the sport and love of Gaming. To discover more about who we are and how we play – read about our brand story here.

• Canyon Gaming devices come with a 24-month warranty.
• The CND-SKB8 carries both the CE and RoHS certification.

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