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Stand out from the pack with the Canyon Despot CND-SGM9. A serious mouse for serious Gamers. Designed to assist you in showcasing your skills FTW!

Superior Mouse for Sophisticated Players

This first-rate mouse is designed with MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Gamers in mind.

It is programmable and customizable to the max. Pick the RGB colours you prefer to act as a backlight, make & save player profiles, macro assignments, alter dots per inch (DPI), and custom assign functions to 16 available buttons! Adjust with ease to suit the game or your preferences perfectly using the accompanying mouse software.

No Matter Your Game; Be In It to Win It!

A closer look at the Canyon Despot CND-SGM9 features that will back your game up and boost your performance.


The Canyon Despot CND-SGM9 comes with the buttons required for whatever game you play. A whopping 16 multi-purpose buttons in total! Including three sets of ultra-instrumental thumb buttons (3/6/12)! Change these as you like from primary, thumb, clickable scroll wheel, dpi switching, and back again! This is mouse is up to the demands of heavy play with a durability rating at 10 million clicks plus.

Max Velocity

Use speed to your advantage and vanquish your foes with a 1 millisecond report rate!

Employ preciseness during FPS gaming sessions with an adjustable report rate between 125, 250, 500, and 1000Hz.

Serious Sensor

The CNG-SGM9’s sensor is ultra-accurate. A Pixart 3325 with 10000 DPI resolution it provides reliable and precise performance.

Alternate sensor settings easily as aspects of your current game demands. Choose and switch between up to six sensitivity settings. These range between 1200 to 10000 DPI or choose your own custom setting.

Enhanced Comfort & Ergo-dynamic Design

Designed with comfort during gaming sessions of any length. Tailor your mouse weight to the way you play with 4X removable five gram weights – make it the perfect weight for your winning hand. A twin surface rubberized coating ensures that your hold is always secure & prevents fingerprint-marks.

Internal Memory

Save settings and transfer them simply between gaming rigs with the CND-SGM9 on-board memory module.

Fair Play

A 1.6 meter long braided cable complete with a ferrite filter improves speed and signal while reducing and high-frequency noise. Say no to electrical interference messing with your game.

Tools of the Game

Enthusiastic Gamers the world wide know that the right tools for the game make a mighty big difference in how one performs. Serious players know that gaming devices and accessories come into their own and that improvements in accuracy and precision i.e. better game-play is the real ROI.

The range of Canyon Gaming South Africa technology offers finely-tuned, highly-specialized tech to empower your play. #weaponsforwinners

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