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Introducing Canyon Gaming South Africa

New Player Alert

Canyon Gaming is the new name making an entrance into the South African Gaming scene. Bold gear with style and function to optimize your play!

Who are we?

Canyon Gaming South Africa is a group of passionate technology providers. Our goal is to deliver tested, choice, well-priced gaming gear to our local RSA Gamers. Canyon devices encompass a wide spectrum of quality gaming accessories for both novice and veteran Gamers.

Our range includes:
• Gaming Keyboards
• Gaming Headsets
• Gaming Mice
• Gamepads
• Mousepads

Our Game Plan

Task One: Provide the ultimate in high-performance gaming accessories that are multi-functional, flexible and yet surprisingly affordable.

Task Two: Provide support, i.e. have your back. Canyon promotes the benefits, challenges and enjoyment of PC Gaming as a hobby, sport & profession. Our goal is to promote the status of Gaming and Gamers from sideline to spotlight! We pledge to support individual, team and tournament play and to celebrate the achievements of RSA Gamers.

Game State Nation : South Africa

In our endeavour to elevate the status of Gaming and enhance player experience within RSA, we intend to pro-actively:
• Support Gamers and Teams with gear, event sponsorship and prize money
• Support the existing Gaming Associations of South Africa
• Support, sponsor and host Gaming Tournaments and LAN events

Optimize Your Game & Experience the Next-Level

Polish your skill execution and modify your accessories to match your gaming style. Choosing Canyon Gaming gear is a major score ensuring that you:
• Stay comfortable even through the longest gaming session with advanced ergonomic designs.
• Benefit from programmable functions, onboard memory and first-rate electronic components.
• Improve performance with maximum accuracy, precision and super high speed sensors.
• Discover the payback of superior gaming accessories.
• Take control of your gaming experience.

Employing Canyon Gaming Tech means you can focus on your game and go for the win. #WeaponsForWinners, because the correct tools for each game do make a difference!

On Your Team – Why Play with Us?

As we set out on our quest to transform the RSA Gaming landscape we seek to be a true-team player. Canyon Gaming is primed to adapt and evolve. We are ready and alert to accept feedback so we remain responsive to what your priorities are.

Connect with us today and tell us what you want and what you need.

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Connect with Canyon Gaming South Africa via Facebook & Instagram.