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Games are a vital part of human existence; there purposes and benefits are as varied as can be. From practising skills, working on group co-operation, serving as stress relief and much more!

The invention of the first electronic game was a milestone in technological leisure & entertainment. From humble beginnings, entire virtual worlds have been now been built. While they are fun to explore alone, the ability to play together can make them even better.

Today, you can play certain games in 2 Player Mode or you can play with literally tens of millions of players. How did we get here?


The first multi-player electronic game was the start of something big. This is why it holds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records! The record title holding game is OXO, an electronic variation on noughts and crosses. Created in the USA in 1952 by Alexander S. Douglas; it is officially the world’s first multi-player game.

Stepping Stones: MMO didn’t evolve overnight

The history of gaming is full of small steps and giant leaps. One thing is a definite though, modern multi-player games did not evolve overnight. Computer technology advanced and alongside gaming technology came along.

Here are some key steps in the formation of Multi-Player Online Gaming as we know it today:

• 1972’s famous computer game Pong allowed for more than one player but as it was not networked i.e. it couldn’t be played without both players being present together using the same console.
• PLATO was a pre-computer system that served as host to the world’s first ‘real-time’ multi-player games such as Empire and Spasim in the early 70’s.
• The first networked games began to emerge in the mid 70’s, CAVE was a great example, but it was text-based derivative of Dungeon’s and Dragons.
• In 1986 a Flight Simulator game was released that allowed two players to connect via a modem or serial cable to ‘fly’ together in the same environment.

Enter: NetPlay

Technology breakthroughs allowed for gaming to become increasingly more sophisticated. Growing computer networks allowed for ‘netplay’ and networked multi-player LAN games allowed players to escape from then-common internet problems that interfered and limited group gaming.
• 1993’s Doom allowed 4 simultaneous players and from there the possibilities grew exponentially.
• While 1996’s Sega NetLink was first in allowing for console-play using the internet.
• By 2010 most gaming consoles relied on the internet to connect players.

Wired for Relationship

Technology has played a vital part in empowering players to connect and share the games they love. However, the innovation has been driven by the basic human desire to connect.

The underlying driving factors that have contributed to Massive Multi-Player Online Gaming (MMO) becoming the powerhouse community that it is today – is rooted in human nature and our deep-seated desire to connect with each other through building relationship… and play is an essential part of that. The modern internet allows for individuals all over the world to interact and ‘team-up’.

Now: No Limits

Gaming is going beyond the boundaries of consoles; Cross-play has added more players to the field! It allows for complete freedom as Gamers are no longer tied into console-loyalties and can now play against who they want across platforms.

Advantages of Humans playing Humans

Gamers recognize that other humans provide more depth to game-play.

While AI technology is advancing and playing bots may well provide something exciting in the future… for now, human players add the ultra-edge in the gaming experience. Playing other humans instead of computers keeps the variables fresh and ever-changing. Three key aspects human players bring to MMO games include:
• Suspense
• Risk-taking
• Real-time decision making that demands quick reactions
• Adapting whilst Collaborating

Popular MMO Games that can be played on PC

Riders of Icarus, Neverwinter, Defiance/Defiance 2050, Secret World Legends, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Lord of the Rings Online, Tera, Rift, EveOnline, Runescape, Revelation Online, Elders Scroll Online, Black Desert Online, Skyforge, Star Trek Online, Archeage, Blade & Soul, Guild Wars 2, Maplestory 2,

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