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What is Cross-Play

Cross-Platform Play also known as Cross-Play is ending console wars for good. Cross-Play refers to the ability for multiple players to play online games together while using different hardware platforms.

Players dedicated to playing on a specific gaming console can now battle a player on a PC or other brand console. Think PlayStation vs. PC or PC vs. Xbox, the variations are almost endless.

Cross-Play; A Movement

Cross-Platform Play has gained so much momentum that it has become a movement. The opportunity to play with friends who you already game with &/ to meet new teammates regardless of preferred platform – just makes sense.

Cross-Play builds and enlarges the player pool, empowers the Gaming Community to play what they want with, with who they want and creates more fun all around to result in great gaming experiences.

No Limits

“No Limits” is the battle-cry of Gamers who strategically use Cross-Play to their advantage because Cross-Play smashes boundaries. It opens up a whole new world of games for those who play on PC and mitigates the previous requirement of buy-in to brand-specific consoles/games.

Cross-Platform Play means that you can use your laptop, and in some cases, a mobile device or Tablet as a gaming device without investing in a specific brand of gaming console.

At Canyon Gaming South Africa we support Cross-Play; there is no need to create divisions & barriers to entry – let the love of gaming unite all Gamers.

What’s driving the growing trend in Cross-Platform Play?

Player demand is certainly one element in the growing popularity of Cross-Play but it is not only users driving the movement forward. Tech creators and developers are also stepping onboard as they realize the advantages of supporting the global team of gamers. More and more major industry game producers are making way for Cross-Play and working to ensure that the most popular games are available across platforms. Respecting individual player freedom, preferences and style has led to ground-breaking disruptions that now allow for a game plan without restrictions!

Get in the Game!

The following popular games can now be played on PC; they offer full or partial Cross-Platform Support
• Fortnite
• Dauntless
• Rocket League
• Minecraft
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

A partial list of other well-loved games that can be played across platforms includes: DC Universe Online, Aragami, Chess Ultra, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Street Fighter V, Trailblazers, Mantis Burn Racing, Astroneer, Blobcat, Eve: Valkyrie, Full Metal Furies, Disc Jam, Games of Glory, Guns of Icarus Online, Happy Wars, Hex, Hero Siege, Deep Rock Galactic, Dick Wilde 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Next Up Hero, Overload, Pinball FX3, Spacelords, Treasure Stack & many many more!

Gaming Equipment to Empower your Play

Canyon Gaming South Africa offers a range of well-priced gaming accessories to enhance your gameplay!

Cross-Compatibility Canyon Gamepads
CND-GPW8 : Compatible for use with Xbox One, PS3, PC, Android
CND-GPW7 : Compatible for use with Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Android
CND-GP5 : Compatible for use with PS4
CNS-GP4 : Compatible for use with PC 3-1 Wired Gamepad
CNS-GPW6 : Compatible for use with PC 3-1 Wireless Gamepad

PC Based Gaming Accessories Include
Gaming Mice
Gaming Keyboards
• Gaming Headsets

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